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The Municipal League is a member-driven, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works toward better government in King County, Washington.

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The Municipal League is seeking volunteers for its annual Candidates Evaluation Committee (CEC) Program. Munileague volunteers assess political candidates’ ability to be effective in the office they seek. If you’re already familiar with the program, please APPLY NOW! If you are unfamiliar with the CEC process, please review the information below. As a Candidate Investigator you will gain: Election […]

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The Municipal League is a member supported and member run organization.  We can not do all of the great work of evaluating candidates with out your support and participation.  Sign up and join us today! To learn more about our Candidate Evaluation Program, or about becoming a candidate investigator, please click here Request a Candidate Evaluation Committee […]


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Ratings Criteria

  • involvement


    How do our committees rate candidates on involvement? We ask our candidate evaluation committees to  investigate  what has the candidate done previously in family, neighborhood, community, volunteer work, employment or public life to suggest readiness to accomplish challenging objectives? How do these activities demonstrate readiness for the challenges unique to the particular office they are seeking? The […]

  • integrity2 copy


    How does the Municipal League evaluate a candidate’s character? Our volunteer Candidate Investigators seek out information from references to answer the following questions. Do the candidate’s personal traits show the ability to take on the responsibilities of campaigning for and holding the public office she or he is seeking?  Is the candidate a leader, participant or observer? […]

  • effectiveness2


    How does the Municipal League rate candidates on Effectiveness? Our candidate investigators and committees work to determine if the candidate demonstrated promise of being productive in the office sought?  We interview references and hope to learn if candidate shown the ability to work with other people?   Have they demonstrated  ability to develop productive solutions to challenging problems? The following […]

  • Image of Library Stacks


    How does the Municipal League evaluate a candidates knowledge? During our candidate investigation and evaluation process our volunteers seek to determine if the candidate has demonstrated the willingness and ability to learn and adapt?  Does the candidate understand the duties and challenges of the office sought?  Does the candidate have a firm grasp of the issues important […]