2009 Candidate Ratings

In 2009, five regional Candidate Evaluation Committees rated 113 candidates running in contested races throughout King County.

About the Municipal League Ratings

The ratings are not endorsements. They assess each candidate’s potential to be effective in office and ability to serve the community.

  • Outstanding – Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.
  • Very Good – Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way he/she would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues.
  • Good – Has been active and effective in many roles, is capable of moving people to productive action, has strong record of participation in problem solving, shows satisfactory commitment to tackling issues.
  • Adequate – Has a record of participation and interest, is effective on specific issues, has provoked questions about suitability as an office holder, will need significant time/energy to fill gaps in knowledge.
  • Not Qualified – Doesn’t appear engaged, has a record that casts doubt on ability to be productive, hasn’t demonstrated ability to deal with responsibilities of office, has narrow focus, inflexible attitude or is otherwise troubling.
2009KentCity Council6Elizabeth AlbertsonAdequateYes
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner4Tom AlbroOutstanding
2009SeatacCity Council4Tony AndersonVery GoodYes
2009SeattleCity Council4Sally BagshawOutstanding
2009SammamishCity Council7Jack BarryAdequateYes
2009SeattleSeattle School Board5Mary BassAdequateYes
2009KentMayorMayJim BerriosGood
2009SeattleCity Council4David BloomGood
2009BellevueCity Council4Patsy BonincontriVery GoodYes
2009Federal WayCity Council4Jeanne BurbidgeOutstandingYes
2009SeattleMayorMayElizabeth CampbellNot Qualified
2009SeattleCity AttorneyAttyThomas CarrOutstandingYes
2009SeattleCity Council4Brian CarverNot Qualified
2009AuburnCity Council2Eugene CerinoOutstandingYes
2009SeattleSeattle School Board7Wilson ChinVery Good
2009SeattleCity Council2Richard ConlinOutstandingYes
2009King CountyExecutiveExDow ConstantineVery Good
2009KentMayorMaySuzette CookeOutstandingYes
2009SeattleSeattle School Board5Joanna CullenAdequate
2009SammamishCity Council3John CurleyGood
2009BellevueCity Council6Don DavidsonVery GoodYes
2009SeattleMayorMaJames DonaldsonAdequate
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner3David DoudGood
2009SeattleMayorMayJan DragoGood
2009King CountyCounty Council9Reagan DunnOutstandingYes
2009King CountyCt. of Appeals3Anne EllingtonOutstandingYes
2009AuburnMayorMayShelly EricksonAdequate
2009SeatacCity Council6Pam FernaldAdequate
2009RentonCity Council2James FlynnGood
2009SeattleCity Council8Bobby ForchGood
2009SeatacCity Council2Rick ForschlerGood
2009Federal WayCity Council6Roger FreemanVery Good
2009SeattleMayorMayKwame Wyking GarrettInsufficient InfoUnable to Contact
2009SammamishCity Council5Don GerendOutstandingYes
2009SeattleCity Council2David GinsbergAdequate
2009King CountyCounty Council9Mark GreeneAdequate
2009KirklandCity Council5Matt GregoryVery Good
2009ShorelineCity Council3Patricia HaleVery Good
2009ShorelineCity Council3Will HallOutstanding
2009ShorelineCity Council7Ronald HansenRetractedYes
2009AuburnMayorMayVirginia HaugenAdequateDeclined to Participate
2009SeattleSeattle School Board5Andre HelmstetterGood
2009KentCity Council4Dennis HigginsVery Good
2009KirklandCity Council7Tom HodgsonGoodYes
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner3Rob HollandVery Good
2009SeattleCity AttorneyAttyPeter HolmesVery Good
2009King CountyExecutiveExcRoss HunterVery Good
2009King CountyExecutiveExcSusan HutchisonGood
2009SeattleCity Council6Jessie IsraelVery Good
2009SammamishCity Council1John JamesAdequate
2009King CountyExecutiveExcFred JarrettVery Good
2009SeattleCity Council6Martin KaplanVery Good
2009King CountyCt. of Appeals3Robert KellyAdequate
2009Federal WayCity Council2Linda KochmarVery GoodYes
2009KentCity Council6Geoff KoeppAdequate
2009SeatacCity Council4Michael KovacsGood
2009SeatacCity Council6Barry LadenburgAdequateYes
2009KirklandCity Council3Brad LarssenVery Good
2009BellevueCity Council2Conrad LeeVery GoodYes
2009AuburnMayorMayPeter LewisVery GoodYes
2009SeattleCity Council6Nick LicataVery GoodYes
2009King CountyExecutiveÿExcStan LippmanNot Qualified
2009King CountyExecutiveExcAlan LobdellGood
2009AuburnMayorMayFrank LonerganAdequate
2009SeattleMayorMayJoseph MallahanOutstanding
2009BellevueCity Council6Michael MarchandVery Good
2009KirklandCity Council7Doreen MarchioneOutstanding
2009SeattleSeattle School Board7Charlie MasVery Good
2009KirklandCity Council1Joan McBrideVery GoodYes
2009SeattleMayorMayMichael McGinnGood
2009SeattleCity Council8David MillerVery Good
2009KirklandCity Council1Martin MorganInsufficient InfoUnable to Contact
2009King CountyExecutiveExcGoodspaceguy NelsonNot QualifiedDeclined to Participate
2009SeattleMayorMayGreg NickelsVery GoodYes
2009Federal WayCity Council6Diana Noble-GullifordVery Good
2009SeattleCity Council8Michael O'BrienGood
2009SammamishCity Council7Tom OdellGood
2009BellevueCity Council2Vicki OrricoVery Good
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner4Juan ParaisoInsufficient InfoDeclined to Participate
2009AuburnCity Council2John PartridgeAdequate
2009SeattleSeattle School Board7Betty PatuVery Good
2009Federal WayCity Council4Mike PetersonGood
2009KentCity Council6Barbara PhillipsInsufficient InfoUnable to Contact
2009King CountyExecutiveExcLarry PhillipsVery Good
2009SeattleCity Council4Dorsol PlantsGood
2009KentCity Council4Dana RalphVery Good
2009ShorelineCity Council7Christopher RobertsNot Qualified
2009SeattleCity Council8Robert RosencrantzOutstanding
2009SeattleCity Council8Jordan RoyerVery Good
2009SammamishCity Council5Michael RuttAdequate
2009ShorelineCity Council5Cindy RyuAdequateYesUnable to Interview
2009Federal WayCity Council2Sonia SciscenteGood
2009SeattleMayorMayNorman SiglerAdequate
2009Federal WayCity Council6Troy SmithNot QualifiedDeclined to Participate
2009SeattleSeattle School Board5Kay Smith-BlumVery Good
2009Federal WayCity Council6David St. JohnInsufficient InfoUnable to Contact
2009SeatacCity Council2Jonathan StandridgeGood
2009KirklandCity Council3Penny SweetOutstanding
2009KirklandCity Council5Karen TennysonVery Good
2009SammamishCity Council1Erica TiliacosVery Good
2009SeattleCity Council4Thomas TobinNot Qualified
2009King CountyCounty Council9Beverly TondaGood
2009ShorelineCity Council5Shari TraceyGood
2009SammamishCity Council3Thomas VanceVery Good
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner4Max VekichGood
2009KirklandCity Council5Amy WalenGood
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner4Robert WalkerAdequate
2009BellevueCity Council4Kevin WallaceVery Good
2009ShorelineCity Council3Janet WayAdequateYes
2009SeattleCity Council8Rusty WilliamsNot Qualified
2009Federal WayCity Council6Lorie WoodGood
2009Port of SeattleCommissioner3Al YuenGood
2009RentonCity Council2Rich ZwickerOutstandingYes

Rating Criteria

The Municipal League Candidate Ratings are based on four criteria–Involvement, Effectiveness, Character & Knowledge.  The ratings are produced by citizen volunteers seeking to understand the potential a candidate has to be truly effective in the office they seek and to beneficially serve the community. Political affiliation or the stance a candidate has on any particular issue are not considered as part of the League rating process.

Who Rates The Candidates?

Municipal League Candidate Evaluation Committees are made up of volunteers like you–individuals interested in maintaining good government and willing to get involved.  If you would like to serve on one of our regional candidate evaluation committees next June, please contact cec@munileague.org or 206.622.8333 to learn how.


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