2015 Candidate Ratings

This year’s Candidate Evaluations Committees rated over 90 candidates running for local office, and we would like to express special thanks to our dedicated volunteers. The number of races covered depends entirely on the number of volunteers the Municipal League is able to mobilize. Unfortunately this means we are unable to cover every race in King County. If you are interested in seeing races in your community evaluated by the Municipal League, please consider volunteering with next year’s committees! Email cec@munileagueratings.org for more information.

About the Municipal League Ratings

The ratings are not endorsements. They assess each candidate’s potential to be effective in office and ability to serve the community.

  • Outstanding – Has made numerous outstanding contributions requiring skills related to the office, is a path-finding and respected leader, brings knowledge and creativity to issues facing the office.
  • Very Good – Makes significant contributions, is a skilled builder of consensus, inspires confidence in the way they would serve, is thorough and attentive to issues.
  • Good – Has been active and effective in many roles, is capable of moving people to productive action, has strong record of participation in problem solving, shows satisfactory commitment to tackling issues.
  • Adequate – Has a record of participation and interest, is effective on specific issues, has provoked questions about suitability as an office holder, will need significant time/energy to fill gaps in knowledge.
  • Not Qualified – Doesn’t appear engaged, has a record that casts doubt on ability to be productive, hasn’t demonstrated ability to deal with responsibilities of office, has narrow focus, inflexible attitude or is otherwise troubling.
  • Insufficient Information 
    when the CEC determines, after diligent investigation, that it has no more information about the candidate than an uninformed voter would have. A candidate who fails to complete a candidate questionnaire or is not interviewed or both may still be rated when the Committee has obtained information about the candidate through its other sources of information.

Full candidate ratings, including primary races, are available in the table below, or

Download our candidate ratings in our “Voter Guide”:

2015 General Election Voter Guide


YearLocalityOfficePositionCandidateRatingIncumbentInterviewedCampaign Website
2015StateLegislative District No. 302Carol GregoryVery GoodYesYeswww.electcarolgregory.org/
2015StateLegislative District No. 302Teri HickelOutstandingNoYeswww.terihickel.com

2015City of BellevueCity Council Member3John ChelminiakOutstandingYesYeswww.johnworksforyou.com
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member3Don DavidsonVery GoodNoYeswww.electdondavidson.com/
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member5Vandana SlatterVery GoodNoYesvandanaslatter.com/
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member5Michelle HilhorstOutstandingNoYeswww.Michelle4Bellevue.com
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member5Sherry GrindelandVery GoodNoYeswww.sherrygrindeland.com/
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member7Bill HirtNot QualifiedNoNo
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member7Lyndon HeywoodAdequateNoYeswww.itsourcity.org
2015City of BellevueCity Council Member7Jennifer RobertsonOutstandingYesYeswww.RobertsonForCouncil.com
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member1Anthony MurriettaGoodNoYes
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member1Lydia Assefa-DawsonVery GoodYesYeswww.keeplydia.com
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member1Mark GreeneNot QualifiedNoYesbrandnewelections.us/
2015City of FederalCity Council Member5Julie HillerAdequateNoNowww.juliehiller.com
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member5Mark KoppangVery GoodNoYesMarkkoppang.com
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member7Dini DuclosOutstandingYesYeswww.diniduclos.com
2015City of Federal WayCity Council Member7PK ThumbiGoodNoYeswww.teampkthumbi.net/
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member4Bill RamosVery GoodNoYeswww.ramosforcitycouncil.com
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member4Daniel JohnsonAdequateNoNowww.votedanieljohnson.org/
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member4Tim FloodGoodNoYesVoteflood.com
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member6Chris RehGoodNoYeswww.chrisreh.com
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member6Gregg LeinweberNot QualifiedNoYes
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member6Paul WintersteinVery GoodYesYeswww.paulwinterstein.com
2015City of IssaquahCity Council Member4Steven BishopInsufficient InformationNoNo
2015CountyMetropolitan King County6Claudia BalducciOutstandingNoYeswww.claudiabalducci.com
2015CountyMetropolitan King County4Rufe OrrInsufficient InformationNoNo
2015CountyMetropolitan King County4Jeanne Kohl-WellesVery GoodNoYeswww.jeannekohlwelles.com/
2015CountyMetropolitan King County6Jane HagueOutstandingYesYeswww.electjanehague.com/
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner2Courtney GregoireOutstandingYesYeswww.courtneygregoire.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner2John NaubertNo Active CampaignNoNo
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner2GoodspaceguyNot QualifiedNoNowww.colonizespace.blogspot.com/
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Mark HennonNot QualifiedNoNowww.mark4port.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Herb KrohnGoodNoYeswww.herb4port.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Fred FellemanGoodNoYesfredforport.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Marion YoshinoGoodNoYeswww.marionyoshino.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Richard PopeNot QualifiedNoNowww.richardpope.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Norman SiglerGoodNoYesNormansiglerforport.com
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Daniel ReandeauGoodNoYes
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Darrell BryanVery GoodNoYes
2015Port of SeattlePort Commissioner5Ken RogersVery GoodNoYeswww.rogersforport.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Lisa HerboldGoodNoYesdistrict1forherbold.com/
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Brianna ThomasAdequateNoNowww.peopleforbrianna.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Jody RushmerNot QualifiedNoNohttp://www.westseattlejody.org/
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Phillip TavelGoodNoYeswww.philliptavel.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Pavel GobermanNot QualifiedNoNowww.getenergized.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Chas RedmondVery GoodNoYeswestseattle4chas.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Karl WirsingNot QualifiedNoYeswww.wirsingforwseaspark.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Shannon BraddockVery GoodNoYesshannonford1.com/
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member1Arturo RoblesNot QualifiedNoYes
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member2Tammy MoralesGoodNoYeswww.moralesforseattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member2Joshua FarrisAdequateNoNowww.FarrisForSeattle.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member2Bruce HarrellVery GoodYesYeswww.electbruceharrell.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member3Leon CarterAdequateNoNowww.leecarterdistrict3.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member3Pamela BanksVery GoodNoYeswww.electpamelabanks.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member3Morgan BeachAdequateNoYeswww.morganbeach.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member3Kshama SawantGoodYesNowww.KshamaSawant.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member3Rod HearneGoodNoYeswww.rodhearne.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member4Michael MadduxGoodNoYeswww.michaelmaddux.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member4Jean GoddenGoodYesNowww.reelectjeangodden.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member4Abel PachecoGoodNoYeswww.abel4seattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member4Anthony ProvineGoodNoYeswww.tonyprovine.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member4Rob JohnsonOutstandingNoYeswww.rob4seattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Kris LethinAdequateNoYeswww.kris4district5.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5David ToledoAdequateNoNowww.WeVoteToledo.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Hugh RussellInsufficient InformationNoNo
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Halei WatkinsGoodNoYeswww.haleiwatkins.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Debora JuarezGoodNoYeswww.deborajuarez.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Mercedes ElizaldeVery GoodNoYeswww.VoteMercedes.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Sandy BrownGoodNoYeswww.sandy4seattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member5Debadutta DashGoodNoYeswww.vote4dash.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member6Stan ShauflerAdequateNoNo
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member6Jonathan LisbinAdequateNoNowww.jonlisbinmovesseattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member6Mike O'BrienVery GoodYesYeswww.obrienforseattle.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member6Catherine WeatbrookGoodNoYeswww.Catherine4District6.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member7Deborah Zech-ArtisAdequateNoYeshttp://deborahzechartis.com/
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member7Gus HartmannNo Active CampaignNoNowww.gushartmann.org
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member7Sally BagshawOutstandingYesYeswww.sallybagshaw.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member8Tim BurgessOutstandingYesYeswww.ElectTimBurgess.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member8John PersakGoodNoYeswww.johnpersak.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member8Jon GrantGoodNoYeswww.electjongrant.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member8John RoderickGoodNoYeswww.VoteRoderick.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Lorena GonzalezOutstandingNoYeswww.ElectLorenaGonzalez.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Omari Tahir-GarrettNot QualifiedNoNowww.Omariforcitycouncil.wix.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Alex TsimermanNot QualifiedNoNowww.alexforamerica.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Alon BassokGoodNoYeswww.alonbassok.com
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Thomas TobinNot QualifiedNoNo
2015City of SeattleCity Council Member9Bill BradburdGoodNoYeswww.billbradburd.com