About Us

The Municipal League is a member-driven, nonpartisan, nonprofit organization that works toward better government in King County, Washington.

Mission Statement

The Municipal League of King County’s mission is to promote government that is open, effective and accountable, and to improve the caliber of public officials and the quality of public decisions.

The League pursues its mission through the following programs:

  • Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC). Each CEC conducts the equivalent of a job interview with candidates for public office throughout King County and rates them on their capacity to serve effectively. Every year roughly 75 volunteers give their time to follow the League’s well-established system of rating candidates which is based on effectiveness, knowledge, involvement and character. The results are published in a Voters Guide that reaches tens of thousands of voters
  • Civic Volunteer Engagement The Municipal League’s members and volunteers give their time and expertise and participate in various civic efforts from rating candidates on our candidate evaluation committees to serving on issue study committees for the Municipal League Foundation. Sign up to be a member or volunteer today.