Award Catagories

Each year the Municipal League Foundation presents up to nine awards  to individual citizens, elected officials, businesses, and organizations for the a variety of positive contributions to our community. Please see the Municipal League Foundation’s website for more information regarding upcoming or past Civic Award celebrations.

  • Citizen of the Year
    A private citizen, including one who has served in an appointive office or on a commission without compensation, who has made the most outstanding contribution to the cause of good government or civic betterment.
  • Public Official of the Year
    The elected or appointed public official or department head who, in addition to routine service, has brought to the office one or more outstanding innovations or contributions.
  • Business of the Year and Organization of the Year (two awards)
    The business or organization that has made the most outstanding contribution(s) to the community.
  • Doug Mason Memorial
    A person, age 35 or under, who during the previous year made a special contribution to the people of King County in any of the following areas: environmental protection and preservation, agricultural preservation, transportation, human services, housing, good government, ethics in politics, or effective government administration.
  • Public Employee of the Year
    A civic servant who, as an employee of some public body, has brought to the particular service one or more outstanding innovations or constructive programs.
  • Governmental News Reporting of the Year
    The individual, publisher, or station that has provided the most outstanding news reporting on governmental issues or public affairs.
  • James R. Ellis Regional Leadership
    The individual or organization who, through appointed, elected, commissioned, or volunteer service, has contributed significant leadership to the region in the examination of regional public policy problems and solutions.
  • Warren G. Magnuson Memorial
    An individual who, while serving in a public office other than local government, has made a significant contribution to the enhancement of local government.

See a complete list of past awardees.