How does the Municipal League evaluate a candidate’s character?

Our volunteer Candidate Investigators seek out information from references to answer the following questions. Do the candidate’s personal traits show the ability to take on the responsibilities of campaigning for and holding the public office she or he is seeking?  Is the candidate a leader, participant or observer?  Is the candidate trustworthy, reliable and candid?

The following characteristics suggest the following ratings:

  1. Outstanding: Candidate is a recognized and respected leader in ways that are relevant to these responsibilities.
  2. Very Good: Candidate inspires confidence in the way he/she will campaign for and serve in office.
  3. Good: Candidate has a strong record of welcome participation in problem solving and similar tasks.
  4. Adequate: Candidate has provoked questions about suitability as a campaigner and potential office holder.
  5. Not Qualified: Candidate has not demonstrated the ability to deal reliably with the responsibilities of elected office.

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