How does the Municipal League evaluate a candidates knowledge?

During our candidate investigation and evaluation process our volunteers seek to determine if the candidate has demonstrated the willingness and ability to learn and adapt?  Does the candidate understand the duties and challenges of the office sought?  Does the candidate have a firm grasp of the issues important to his/her constituency and their potential effects?

The following characteristics suggest the following ratings:

  1. Outstanding: Candidate brings attention, knowledge and creativity to understanding issues and the office sought.
  2. Very Good: Candidate is thorough and responsible in attending to issues and the responsibilities of office.
  3. Good: Candidate has a satisfactory commitment to tackling the issues and roles requiring attention in office.
  4. Adequate:  will need to commit significant time and energy to filling gaps in his/her knowledge.
  5. Not Qualified: Candidate has a narrow focus, an inflexible attitude, or is otherwise troublingly limited in approach.

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