2012 Ratings

In 2012, five regional Candidate Evaluation Committees rated over 80 candidates running in contested races throughout King County.  Here are their results:

The Municipal League Candidate Ratings are based on four criteria–Involvement, Effectiveness, Character & Knowledge.  The ratings are produced by citizen volunteers seeking to understand the potential a candidate has to be truly effective in the office they seek and to beneficially serve the community. Political affiliation or the stance a candidate has on any particular issue are not considered as part of the League rating process.

Who Rates The Candidates?

Municipal League Candidate Evaluation Committees are made up of volunteers like you–individuals interested in maintaining good government and willing to get involved.  If you would like to serve on one of our regional candidate evaluation committees next June, please contact cec@munileague.org or 206.622.8333 to learn how.

We cant rate the candidate with out citizen volunteers and your financial support so please become a member today!