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 2017 Candidate Questionnaire

The 2017 Candidate Questionnaire is now available and can be downloaded here.

2017 Candidate Questionnaire

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How Do Candidates Get Evaluated?

The League’s Candidate Evaluation process is much like job interview. A volunteer Candidate Investigator will call references, do research on the candidate and prepare a report to present to his or her Candidate Evaluation Committee (CEC).

The Municipal League generally only covers races that are contested.

For the 2017 Election Cycle, The Municipal League of King County will be covering as many of the following races as our volunteer resources will allow.

  • Seattle City Council
  • Seattle City Mayor
  • King County Council
  • Port of Seattle
  • Washington State Legislature

While we strive to evaluate as many candidates as possible, we also strive to provide the most comprehensive and relevant ratings. A robust candidate evaluation process requires a significant amount of financial and volunteer resources.

As a candidate, you will assist our Candidate Investigators with making their evaluations in two ways:

  1. By completing and submitting the Municipal League 2017 CEC Candidate Questionnaire, found at the top of this page. Please provide yourself plenty of time to complete this component, as questionnaires are due No later than May 20th.  You may submit the questionnaire in a .pdf format, but please also send us a Word version, as we will remove confidential information before posting to our website. The questionnaire forms the basis of the evaluation process and will be distributed to the evaluation committee along with the investigator’s report prior to the candidate’s interview. If we are unable to evaluate your race we will still post your questionnaire on our site for the public to view.
  2. Meeting with a Candidate Evaluation Committee group for a 20 minute in-person interview. You will be able to choose from a number of dates and times throughout the month of June.  Once we have determined the races we are covering Sara Stiltner, CEC Coordinator, will be in contact to schedule your interview.

How Will Candidates Be Rated & How Are The Ratings Used?

Each candidate is given a rating of Outstanding, Very Good, Good, Adequate, or Not Qualified. The criteria used to reach these ratings are:

  • Involvement: What has the candidate done previously in family, neighborhood, community, volunteer work, employment or public life to suggest readiness to accomplish challenging objectives? How do these activities demonstrate readiness for the challenges unique to the office sought?
  • Effectiveness: Has the candidate demonstrated promise to be productive in the office sought? Has the candidate shown the ability to work with other people?
  • Character: Do the candidate’s personal traits show the ability to take on the responsibilities of campaigning for and holding the public office she or he is seeking? Is the candidate a leader, participant or observer?  Is the candidate trustworthy, reliable and consistent?
  • Knowledge: Has the candidate demonstrated the willingness and ability to learn and adapt? Does the candidate understand the duties and challenges of the office sought? Does the candidate have a firm grasp of the issues important to his or her constituency and their potential effects?

The Committee’s recommended ratings are presented to the Board of Trustees for discussion and approval. After the Board votes to approve the ratings, they are printed in a report that is distributed to League members, the media, and the public prior to the primary and general elections.  All ratings are also posted on this website.  The League urges all voters to consider this report as only one of the many available sources of information about candidates running for election.


What are the CEC’s Information Sources?

The Committee gets information from:

  • Files on the candidate which include public disclosure reports, newspaper clippings, records of previous interviews, position papers, a questionnaire completed by the candidate, and other materials that the candidate is invited to supply.
  • References provided by the candidate and other people that are researched by committee members.
  • Any information a candidate chooses to share from the self-authorized background check.
  • Interviews with the candidate. Each interview lasts about twenty minutes.

Each candidate is assigned to a Committee member who researches that candidate’s activities using the candidate’s file (described above and provided by League staff) and by calling references supplied by the candidate and others identified by the Committee member. Candidates are also invited to supply the Committee with as much information as they wish.


Is the League really nonpartisan?

We make every possible effort to be so. We recruit from as wide a range of the county as possible, and we deliberately balance the membership of every committee. Committee members are trained to ask fair, unbiased questions. Overt statements of political opinion are barred from committee discussions.

The Municipal League is the only organization that rates candidates without regard to political platform. We recognize our responsibility to both voters and candidates and make every effort to run this program as carefully and fairly as possible.

If I have other questions, whom should I contact?

Please contact the Municipal League at, or 206-622-8333.