Help Rate the Candidates


Munileague volunteers assess political candidates’ ability to be effective in the office they seek. As a Candidate Investigator you will gain:

  • Election Process Involvement
  • Gain access and insight into the local election process
  • Receive a crash-course in local politics
  • A Sense of Civic Duty
  • Educate the public for an informed electorate
  • Contribute to effective government by recommending better candidates
  • New Friends and Community
  • Enjoy the camaraderie of your committee cohort
  • Feel connected and meet people with similar interests
  • Melt the Seattle Freeze…
  • Networking and Experience
  • Gain new skills and experience in politics
  • Strengthen your investigative skills

Who Is Eligible to Become a Candidate Investigator?

If you are a registered voter in King County and NOT currently a Precinct Committee Officer (PCO), we invite you consider volunteering with us in 2017. Our Candidate Investigators come from many diverse backgrounds, ages, and political beliefs. We recruit from as wide a range of the county as possible, and we deliberately balance the membership of every committee.

Because the Municipal League’s rates candidates according to their fitness for public office, not according to their political platforms, Candidate Investigators are screened based on their willingness and ability to be unbiased in their evaluation assessments.

As a Candidate Investigator you must be able to:

  • Examine candidates fairly and without prejudice.
  • Refrain from actively supporting any candidate rated by your committee during the election cycle.
  • Refrain from endorsing, making monetary contributions or attending campaign events of any candidate rated by your committee during the year.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality of all committee matters during and after the ratings process.
  • Overt statements of political opinion are barred from committee discussions.
  • Ask fair, unbiased questions and refrain from overt statements of political opinion during committee discussions.

Candidate Investigators with prior close contact to a candidate will be excluded from rating that candidate and that candidates’ opponents; and those with close ties to their district political party are excluded from rating any races in their district.

What Is the Time Commitment?

  • An Evening Training session to learn about the ratings process and conduct a practice interview with a mock candidate.
  • Independent Candidate Investigation: In addition to the committee meetings outlined below, each evaluator independently investigates 1-2 candidates; checks references, collects information on campaign donors and other background information (which can take 4 -12 hours) and then presents to the committee.
  • There are generally four committees to choose from: 2 Central Seattle Committees, an Eastside Committee and a South/SODO Committee.  Depending on which committee you are assigned to, you will either be meeting for three weeks in June from 6 pm – 9 pm on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursdays OR you will be meeting 9 am – 4 pm for three Saturdays in June. You are expected to attend at least 75% of your committee meetings.
  • 1 Ratings Final Review: Each committee will schedule its own final review during June in order to finalize recommendations to the Municipal League board. Final review meetings generally last two to three hours, depending on the number of candidates evaluated, and are generally held on the last scheduled interview date.
  • 1 Ratings Review Night with the Municipal League Board: Each committee has approximately 90 minutes to present their recommendations for final approval by the Municipal League board.
  • Ratings Release Party: The Candidate Evaluation Committees and the Municipal League celebrate the hard work of our Candidate Investigators when the final ratings are published to the community at large.

Still not sure? Want to know more? Want to meet someone who has already been a Candidate Investigator to find out what it’s really like?  Contact us at or 206-622-8333.