Who Is Eligible to Become a Candidate Investigator?

If you are a registered voter in King County we invite you to apply! Our Candidate Investigators come from many diverse backgrounds, ages, and political beliefs. We recruit from as wide a range of the county as possible, and we deliberately balance the membership of every committee.

Because the Municipal League’s rates candidates according to their fitness for public office, not according to their political platforms, Candidate Investigators are screened based on their willingness and ability to be unbiased in their evaluation assessments.

As a Candidate Investigator you must be able to:

  • Examine candidates fairly and without prejudice.
  • Refrain from actively supporting any candidate rated by the Municipal League during the¬†election cycle.
  • Refrain from endorsing, making monetary contributions or attending campaign events of any candidate the League rates during the year.
  • Maintain complete confidentiality of all committee matters during and after the ratings process.
  • Overt statements of political opinion are barred from committee discussions.
  • Ask fair, unbiased questions and refrain from overt statements of political opinion during committee discussions.

Candidate Investigators with prior close contact to a candidate will be excluded from rating that candidate and that candidates’ opponents; and those with close ties to their district political party are excluded from rating any races in their district.